Voice of Quranقرآن به پشتو و دری - Quran Al-Karim with Dari translation including the entire Quran's surah's and Azan.

Haqiqat - News and Quran translation in Pashtu and Dari

Zaytuna Institute (Hayward, "Zaytuna Institute and Academy is a non-profit, educational institute and school founded and run by people committed to reviving time-tested methods of educating and transforming human beings. It is our belief that Islam offers a cohesive understanding of the world and a praxis for it that is able to cut through the illusion of contemporary nihilism and materialism." - Malaysia based site with ".. one-stop source for Muslims and Islamic countries - facilitates networking in areas of business, education, social, as well as governmental agencies.

Gran Hewad - Brief history of Islam and Islam in Afghanistan

Muslim Family Homepage - A site setup by a young Afghan mother, with issues concerning Muslims

Miracles in Islam - Columbia based site by Mr. Wakil, ilustrating the some miracles of Islam, specifically, of the Quran. 

Watan Online - Islam section