• Music Center and Fine Arts Foundation - Fremont (California) based Music Center, the original Recording Studio of Afghanistan Established in 1975 is proud to revive all its archives to CD format.
  • - An independent Centre for Arts & Culture in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Flamenco and Afghan percussion - "The roots of the Flamenco has had among others Indian and Afghan influences. The program "Flamenco meets Afghanistan" follows these origins. As the first Flamenco-dancer in the world Bettina Castano dances an Afghan 7/8-beat in a breathtaking Zapateado. At the same time supported by the Afghan master of Persussion and special guest Hakim Ludin."
  • Afghanistan Tribal Arts - Hamburg (Germany) Based gallery of Afganistan's Large and varied Online selection of antique and semi-antique Afghanistan and Oriental rugs, kilims, textiles, Jewelery, Istalifi pottery, wooden art, Lamps, brass and copper article.
  • Faanoos - Toronto based online Afghan publication in Dari with emphasis on Arts and Culture 
  • Sabawoon Online - Gallery of stamps, postcards, paintings etc.
  • Ariana Afghan - Dedicated to Afghan arts, offers a Magazine online, music, pictures, chat room and postcards.
  • Rahman Baba - Germany based site by Mr. Nasim Wardak over 100 Kulyat (Gazals) of Rahman Baba in Pashto
  • Gran Hewad - Pre-Islamic and Islamic heritage, architecture, literature, visual arts and movies.
  • Watan Afghanistan - Collection of Pashtu poetry in real audio format
  • Kabul Art Gallery - Hamburg based site with handicrafts from Afghanistan.