Fateh Sami


By:  Fateh Sami


Part One




Afghanistan is once again a playground of international conspiracy and intervention similar “to the British and Russians during the 19th Century "Great Game.”(1) Each one of the two powers was manoeuvring for controlling Afghanistan’s geographical territory and foreign policy but agreeing to keep it as a buffer zone and surrogate state.  

After the 1979 military coup in which the Soviet backed regime of PDPA took over power and the dispatch of the Soviet forces to support the regime; the United States in association with its allies including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Islamic countries as well as NATO member states appeared as major players in the war against the Soviet Union, providing weapons and funding to the Afghan Mujahidin, fighting the Soviet-Pro-Afghan government and the Soviet forces in the 1980 for a decade. “The mujahedin had managed to resist and eventually repel the Red Army. Abandoned by their American Cold –War sponsor, however, they proved unable to govern the country when the Afghan communist government finally collapsed in 1992.”(2)


Following  the collapse of the USSR superpower,  the game in Afghanistan has been  remodelled in a new style, multifaceted and multidimensional, being continually shaped and reshaped with confusing and contradictory propaganda of blame game masterminded by spy intelligence agencies behind the scene.   The Afghan people, even the laymen now realise, with certainty, that the unstable situation is callously formulated by outsiders in collusion with their lackeys present in the entire hierarchy of the so called democratically elected but actually American installed Government in Afghanistan. 

After  9/11 terrorist attack on world trade centre in New York, US under Bush Junior administration attacked Afghanistan, seemingly to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden, the Al-Qaida leader who was said to be under protection of Taliban Regime, however he had been  enjoying of a safe haven in Pakistan close to the ISI office. As Mullah Omar, Taliban’s leader did not agree to the demand of USA in handing over Osama Bin Laden.  Under the pretext of Taliban’s non-compliance to the demand, US with its NATO allies invaded Afghanistan by using the forces of the so called ‘Northern Alliance’ as foot soldiers which were engaged in  fighting Taliban after they were driven out of Kabul by Taliban’s militia  with the assistance of ISI. Consequently Taliban’s barbaric regime collapsed in the coordinated military operation from ground and air. 

In December 2001 in an American sponsored  International Conference on Afghanistan in Germany, Karzai was selected by Zalmai  Khalilzad,  the former American ambassador for Afghanistan, to serve a six-months term as chairman of the Interim Administration. However in the conference he got only two votes. “Thus Karzai became a dominant figure after the removal of the Taliban regime. He was then chosen for a two- year term as Interim president during the 2002 Loya Jirga (grand assembly) that was held in Kabul. After the 2004 presidential election, Karzai was declared winner and became president of Afghanistan. He rigged the 2009 election for a second term.”(3) He was for almost 13 years in power as the most corrupt leader in the history of Afghanistan under the cover of a democratically elected president. In fact he was acting as a leader of Taliban as he was part of the Taliban’s faction.

The western nations were using three slogans, still resonating in the ears of Afghans such as good administration without corruption, rehabilitation of Afghanistan as well as ensuring public security and eradication of narcotic and opium cultivation.

What are the results of those deceitful slogans? Utterly opposite to their eye catching mottos, Afghan people   are witness of a devious intrigue going on in their country, being disappointed  of  USA and its allies in relation to installing funding and supporting  Karzai and then Ashraf Ghani and their teams. Now Afghanistan is considered as one of the most corrupt and insecure country in the world. “With the establishment of a new government, the Unites States and other international sponsors announced the birth of a “post –Taliban” order and the restoration of security and stability to Afghanistan and the wider region.” (4) “Pledging billions of dollars in aid, international donors promised to reconstruct the torn fabric of Afghan life. With the assistance, the new government promised to rid the country of armed men and poppy fields and revitalise the country through development. The historical break announced by the new government (Karzai) and its international backers now appears less convincing.”(5)  Afghanistan is today ranked as the highest opium producer and drug trafficking country on the earth planet. 

Lack of intention for peace in the war ravaged Afghanistan is apparently part of strategic goals of major power players, seeking their interest in protraction of war insecurity and instability in this country. No matter how many people are killed, maimed, wounded and traumatised in their nasty proxy war.  

After the military invasion of USA in retaliation of Al-Qaeda’s attack on two twin towers in New York in 2001 the fundamentalist regime of Taliban collapsed in less than one month.  They (Taliban) took a safe haven in Pakistan, the close ally of USA and NATO, where they were initially incubated under the behest of ISI for conducting systematically and uninterruptedly subversive activities in Afghanistan. They have been engaged in inhumane and atrocious actions of killing people by various means including suicide bombing, road side mines, assassinations, explosions, kidnapping, sexual assaults and other inhumane behaviours. 

However, the Taliban was removed from power the security has not come to Afghanistan by the invasion and occupation of coalition forces as Tony Blair, British prime minister overstated, “as I have said before, history will make its own judgement on our policy but the priority for the moment has to be to support the long term reconstruction of the country and improving security, which we are doing with a UN mandate.”(6) The rhetoric was proved as an outrageous demagogue. The presence of American forces did neither ensure peace and security in Afghanistan and not in Iraq. Conversely it has deeply affected most people throughout the country. Previous wars had been relatively remote from everyday life for most ordinary people. The current game by occupied forces and its sponsored government is different. It touched every body’s life one way or another, whether they are soldiers or civilians, men or women adults or children. Some of this impact was not expected, some of them was planned as the development of the situation shows. Even ordinary Afghan people realise by now that their country is being exposed to another great game. The foreign countries in collusion with Pakistan and its agents in the Afghan government put an enormous effort into planning organising and controlling the terror groups under the name of Taliban and subsequently ISIS to play their role in their part in the instability of Afghanistan as a whole and in the Northern provinces in particular. The north of Afghanistan is designed to deploy Daesh/Daish/ ISIS for the instability of the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan, mainly China, Russia and India. 


Hekmatyar, the former leader of Hizb-e-Islami, devastated the capital Kabul when fighting for power in 1992. His mentors, ISI and certain pro-Taliban and terror groups within the Afghan government are now trying to remove his name from UN black list of war criminals.  The ISI and its agents inside the government of Afghanistan including  Mohammad Hanif Atmar, national security advisor, Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai the defense minister and Ashraf Ghani the president are  trying to bring and involve Hekmatyar as a major player for the ISIS-Taliban project to the north of Afghanistan. Hekmatyar is one of the most disreputable genocide perpetrator in Kabul city. The Afghan Government signed a peace agreement with him, paving the way for him to make a political comeback despite a history of war crimes and after years in hiding under ISI protection and safe heaven.

 The so called peace deal with Hehekmatyar ostensibly was organised by

Pir Sayed Ahmad Gailani, the leader of the National Islamic front of Afghanistan. However, the Afghan people believe that it is a bigger project outlined by the ISI with other international spy agencies as part of “another great game” evolving in the region. 


Mr. Kochi the Ashraf Ghani’s uncle on a TV interview with Mr. Shafie Ayar, the host of a very popular show, expressed his tendency to Hekmatyar while praising him as a “holy fighter” and anti-Sovietist. Contrarily, his ideas about him are not in sync with the mainstream of political and public thought in Afghanistan. The majority consider him as a rocket launcher, killer, criminal and ruthless warlord, bearing in mind that Hekmatyar has already expressed his support for Daesh project.


Pakistan as a canny player is making every effort to be on the two sides of the equation, on the one side with Russia and Iran with some Taliban who were engaged in the Syria war against Daesh and on the other side with the forces who are in favour of deploying Daesh in the north.  The leader of Hizb-e- Islami Party, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, committed genocide by consistently launching rockets on Kabul residence as a result of which the whole city was devastated and 100,000 people were killed wounded, maimed ,mutilated and decapitated in the 90’s Mujahidin’s struggle for power in Kabul. Hekmatyar was the major perpetrator of causing war, however his main rival Commander Ahmad Shah Masood was repeatedly asking him to hold back until the transitional government is established and agreed upon by all Mujahidin leaders in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Pakistan in cooperation with his agents inside the Afghan government is lobbying to remove the name of Hekmaytar from the list of the UN sanction.  Afghan political analysts and politicians believe the Afghan government and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar led Hizb-e-Islami peace accord signed in September 2016 will not have any impact on the peace process. Conversely, it will worsen the situation due to the power struggle among various rival groups including Hizb-e -Islami’s own divided and rival factions opposed to Hekmatyar’s leadership.

In the current game, better to call it a plot and a proxy war, Hekmatyar’s faction tries to release criminal Taliban militia group under the name of Hizb-e- Islami to be used under the name of ISIS/Daesh in the north. Therefore, the initial stance of Russia and France to oppose the removal of Hekmatyar’s name from the UN black list was well counted and logical. Hekmatyar’s party has already been divided into various factions and has melted inside the so called, “unity government.” 

It is worth noting that a propaganda campaign was going on by certain journalists in line with ISI policy to show that the move of Russia and France in disagreeing in removing the name of Hekmatyar from the Un black list might impact on the “peace process” in Afghanistan. What a joke and nonsense would sound that narrative to the Afghan people? It is unacceptable to deal with a person who has committed throughout his life heinous crimes in Afghanistan. He committed genocide in the style of Hitler in Kabul and killed by various means people around country for over 40 years. Any country taking side and supporting notorious criminals such as Hekmatyar, Daesh and Taliban for their own benefit are considered in the eyes of Afghan people as a whole and in the eyes of Kabul citizens in particular as orchestrators of crime and  being accomplices, same as ISI in the mass murder in Kabul city and as a whole in  Afghanistan.  

Russia’s latest move in the wake of a recent trilateral meeting between Russia, China and Pakistan in Moscow needs to be  observed with cautious in relation to the manoeuvre of Pakistan in removing Hekmatyar’s name which is designed for the Daesh project in the north of Afghanistan. 

According to a recent Asia Foundation survey, nearly two-thirds of Afghans fear for their personal safety. Ordinary Afghans see no difference between ISIS and the Taliban and Hezbe Islami of Hekmatyar,  mainly because the groups have been employing similar tactics and are the principal actors behind growing insecurity in the country.

Afghan people are anxiously waiting for the new US president, Donald Trump, who took office in January 20, 2017. He has signalled a desire to improve relations with Russia. Hopefully the future U.S. and Russian policies could change with a positive impact on the deteriorating condition in Afghanistan. Hohowever, the strategy and foreign policy of USA will not be changed significantly by the president. Various hierarchies within the system are operating in shaping its long term policy. It is better to wait and observe its impact in the near future.

To be continued.