Description of our Government: Sympathetic with terrorists, forgiving and nice towards criminals, corruption the motto, opium the family business and last but not least a president with no sense of Governance


Naser Koshan

Leaders emerge to change the destiny of their people at tough times; this statement loses its meaning when talking about the ultimate king (Karzai) who holds the power for a decade now with no concrete achievement on board for him and his luxurious ministers.  A president whose family members are either the dons in the opium business or the mafia in the financial system.

Most recently Kabul Bank the biggest private bank in Afghanistan was declared bankrupt due to the lavish spending of its shareholders and outstanding personal loans which are believed to be invested in luxurious real estates in Dubai and elsewhere, with no surprise Mahmud Karzai a tax evader from New York who is also happened to be the presidentís brother and a major shareholder in this bank is among the alleged for personally benefiting from the bank using his ties with top government officials on top the king himself.

No doubt, Corruption has always been a serious issue in Afghanistan ever since the interim government came into existence in the year 2002 and unfortunately this hatred phenomenon continues to be increasing in a very speedy pace. The transparency international most recently listed Afghanistan the third most corrupt country after Burma and Sudan which clearly is a red alert in the process of nation building in the country. Based on numerous statistics published by U.S. independent and state research institutes over USD 60 billion has been spent in the span of 10 years only by the U.S. government in Afghanistan with no visible impact on the overall well being of the economy and the lives of the ordinary Afghans, while the standard of living is drastically falling down and poverty is increasing in an alarming rate across the nation.

In contrast, top afghan state officials have hugely benefited from the lack of transparency and accountability within the last 10 years and have illegally made millions of dollars from the assistance made to the Afghan people by our international partners with the U.S. being the top lender with an estimate of USD 65 billion in the span of 10 years unfortunately these assistance are either invested in Dubai or kept in secret Swiss accounts abroad. The president, despite having all legal means in hand to prosecute and bring to justice all these corrupt officials has preferred silence over firm actions since his own family members are indeed among the top being alleged in this list.

Terrorism on the other hand is a deep concern in the country although, Afghanistan despite having a controversial history has never welcomed terror and innocent killings until the emergence of the dark Talibani regime in contrast; the afghan society has always welcomed modernity, development and democratic values. In fact, terrorism is a foreign product exported to Afghanistan from the tribal areas of Pakistan (FATA) where thousands of fundamentalist madrasas are busy producing terrorists for the Pakistani ISI to destabilize Afghanistan and secure their long term interests in our country.

Author: Naser Koshan

Washington U.S.

May -08-2011