The fading trust between the Obama Administration and the Karzai totalitarian Government


 Naser Koshan


The Karzai corrupt administration has recently realized that civilian casualties by NATO and allied forces are no longer acceptable to the Afghan nation and must be ended immediately, the question is that the same administration despite the killing of  a great number of Afghan civilians in suicidal attacks of Taliban is still afraid of referring these attacks to this terrorist network and has often called them brothers and when they are killing, itís absolutely legitimate and acceptable to this totalitarian and ethnic based regime.

As an afghan I strongly believe that the main reason behind all these double faced policies is the existence of the Paki ISI and Taliban sympathizer elements within the administration that have managed to successfully create a satanic axis around the president which has confused Mr. president to differentiate between his nationís foes and friends and has totally lost his grip of the Afghan national interests and fulfilling the urgent needs of the Afghan nation.

These elements are indeed in pursue of creating a huge distance between the Afghan long term interests with its international partners especially the U.S. government and are in dire interest of turning Afghanistan over to the Islamabad leaders  and eventually sink Afghans back to the quagmire of  barbaric talibanism and darkness.

So far, the louder the government has spoken of peace with this insurgent movement, the deadlier have been their attacks on civilian targets which have caused immense human casualties. It is worth-mentioning that we will never be able to urge Taliban to sit in the negotiations table unless we are on a stronger position and leave no other option available to them but accepting the Afghan constitution and modern democratic values.

Undoubtedly, the Pakistani government has always been engaged in designing devastating conspiracies to destabilize Afghanistan and regain its lost authority towards controlling the Afghan trade and politics, in fact, Pakistanis have never been trustworthy towards seeing a prosperous and stable Afghanistan.  Through supporting the insurgents and militancy in different parts of Afghanistan the intelligence agencies of Pakistan has always had an upper hand in dictating their designed agendas to Taliban leaders in worsening the security within our country. The military in Pakistan has always put pressure on elements that are fighting against the establishment in Pakistan in other words the Tahreke Taliban Pakistan while welcoming insurgency in Afghanistan and facilitating and equipping these terrorist elements to easily cross the border and fight against the American and NATO forces.

If the Pakistani government is indeed in favor of ending insurgent whereabouts within its territorial domain, they can easily start arresting the Taliban leaders who are believed to be in Quetta controlling the Afghan war, but this country has a strategic interest in keeping the war fuel hot and at the same time deceive the U.S. in showing loyalty to the international war against terror.

The recent rumors of permanent U.S. bases establishment in Afghanistan has already put this country in deep concerns over its future strategic interests in Afghanistan as Pakistan will certainly create barriers towards a long term strategic partnership between Afghanistan and the U.S. and will try its ultimate best to speed up its interferences in Afghanistan and further equip and train Taliban and foreign insurgents to perform devastating operations across Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the government of Afghanistan despite knowing this fact is still incapable of confronting this terrorist nation and has failed to clearly review its standpoint on the mutual relationship with Pakistan which should be based on respect of each otherís territorial sovereignty and bringing an end to the 3 decades of interference in Afghanistan domestic affairs by certain elements within the Paki government.

Naser Koshan

United States

March 16, 2011