Karzai fully committed to spoil the opportunity again!



Naser Koshan


As the government of Afghanistan has always been accused of widespread corruptions and wasting of billions of dollars in aid to this war-torn country, the president of Afghanistan once again seems to be spoiling the opportunity of reintegration in terms of foreign assistance to his country as seen in recent London conference. So long the louder the government has spoken of peace with insurgents and Taliban the greater and deadlier have been their attacks taking immense human casualties and the recent organized Taliban attack in Kabul downtown clearly clarifies this fact and states how committed they are in continuing their armed struggle against the people of Afghanistan.


Unless a proper plan exists in coordination with the neighboring countries especially Pakistan which has a upper hand on Taliban, providing cash incentives to a weaker portion of this insurgent group will only enable them to buy modernized and much more deadly weapons from their long-term sympathizer Pakistani intelligence and their counterparts in the region and obviously at the end of the day the only party benefiting from this deal will be the Pakistani side with calling Taliban their strategic interests quite often.


The so-called decision makers of this insurgent movement considering their upper hand in the battle against government and coalition forces are unlikely to put their weapons down for the sake of benefiting from the cash amount allocated to them  if accepting the afghan constitution and beginning a civilian life, while denouncing the government for creating separation among the fractions operating under their leadership they will surely accelerate their armed struggle to express their unity and deliver a strong message to the government who they see as illegitimate and fraudulent.


The president under immense pressure from the international community especially the Obama administration so far has not been able to channel billions of former aids donated to his administration to their assigned targets and achieve remarkable growth figures in the past 8 years, this time the government must change its strategy towards acquiring its goals and act in a much more integrated way to get the most out of this last chance bestowed to this administration and the president has to revaluate his administration’s plans towards accelerating the pace of sustained developments considering  the present potential within the different sectors of the economy.


A great number of Afghans are still hopeful for a new beginning in their lives and are optimistic about the upcoming next 5 years of this failed administration but as of now the government seems to be willing to stick with the same clinically failed policies and strategies whether in terms of job creation, attracting foreign investments or a time bound frame work to eradicate the hatred phenomena of poppy cultivation in the country and if it happens to be the case the next 5 years will ultimately go to the dogs as well.



Written by: Mohammad Naser “Koshan”

February 2010, University of Nebraska, U.S.