By: Abdul Ali Faiq



An open letter to our President Mr.Kar-Zi





Our president Mr. Kar-zi opened (made) a website recently for his people to be in touch with him directly. I believe, after Mahmodi Najat-the President of Islamic Republic of Iran, our president did the same. I do not care here who followed whom? But it is clear and obvious that we know our presidentís perception and his way of life. No need for justification Ö


Am I still on the hold or on the queue?

Basically, when I saw our president (Mr. Kar-zi) website, it pushed me to contact him. Subsequently, I contacted our presidentís website on 28/08/2006 via his contact website facility,( but have some technical problem I guess; therefore, I re-sent the similar letter to him via admin at Afghan embassy ( Unfortunately, it did not work either and finally , I did not find any response from Mr. President of Afghanistan. (May be he was busy or away from his computer orÖ) I repeated this procedure 3 times and eventually there was not any trace of answer or response. It made me more frustrated and disappointed to be honest. Therefore, I hope our president read this painful letter from these websites if he has timeÖ.


My advice:

My word to our President is: If you want to start some thing, start is with courage and frankness and finishes it with honesty and sincerity! When you open the website, you must answer our questions. Be sure that I donít seek attention or publicity! I want your answers as a responsible head of the state! I need the answers. Is this clear?!


My profile:

My name is Abdul Ali Faiq, 26, teacher, living in UK. I must to inform you that I am not a beggar, neither interested in any governmental position, but read my article carefully my president! We as young generation have been victimized for decades of constant war and hostility and can not live in silence, misery, confilict, darkness, doubtfulness, ambiguity, dogmatism, mystery, and gloomy situation! We need our liberty, social justice, freedom, love, honesty, democracy, respect, encouragement, education, pragmatism, realism, and realization of fact that we are human beings!


My contribution:

I have written several articles all about Afghanistan .I am very young, humble, simple , keen, educated, responsible and  aware of all situations which are going in our solar system! I have a complete conviction in my heart that your policy is not as fruitful as it was in 2001 to 2003. You have gradually lost your respect, credit, value and personality! When you became the interim president, I was the first one who threw a party of happiness and jubilation! I was exceedingly cheerful! But when the time passed smoothly I have seen lots of negative gestures, movements, notions, and activities on your perception trails. From that time you have broken my heart, demolished my hope, tantalized my dream and maximized my wrath, rage, and fury! Now, you are the most hated person! As you sow, so will you reap.




We need your attention and answer:

The rate of crime increased very surprisingly from 2001 to 2006 .What is your respond to the following issues?!


  • Poppy Cultivation
  • Suicide Bombers
  • Security Issue
  • Corruption
  • Social Life
  • Economy
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Barbarism:
  • Tribalism
  • Nepotism
  • Nationalism
  • Racism
  • Sectarian Issue
  • Filtrating(other ethnicities)
  • Talabanism
  • Terrorism
  • Pakistan (colonization issue)



I am telling you directly, frankly and meekly! Change your policy, depend on your people, rely on yourself, be independent, donít be double face, beggar, easy-going, weak, coward, isolated, scared. Delete the tribalism  from your mind, be in touch with youths, pay attention to all provinces in Afghanistan, share our thoughts, learn from us a young generation, learn from your mistake , consult with your nation, give the youths a chance to explore themselves, donít just worship your own Pashton tribe. Put the saddle on the right horse, be serious with Pakistan President, and show the world that Afghanistan is being hijacked by Pakistani politics. Then you will find a constructive change in our society and the region at large. Anyway, I am very angry, sad, mournful, disappointed, lost, about the current situation of my dear country...We are sick and ill like our country (Afghanistan) need medicine and treatment president...!! I am writing this letter to you as an ordinary person not as a president. I am not fear of anything! I am a teacher and teach people reality and pragmatism...This is my moral responsibility. We do not want to be victimized by another bloody and meaningless war! But if you are not answering our questions. Because your policies are only leading Afghanistan to another ethnic war-the third in less than two decades!



Abdul Ali Faiq