By Abdul Ali Faiq

Short History of Technology:


Look how the technology developed from magnetic powders to strip of paper. And improve from Zero and make our world a paradise for its residence! The technology grow up dramatically and systematically in early 1928 and on subsequently mobilized and improved by many countries  on our solar system planet, specifically by German Scientists .


The Godfather of developer of technology is the greatest Scientist Mr.Edson who testified and made the recording of human voice, subsequently the door of opportunity was opened in front of other intellectual societies and scholars across the world!


In the year of 1877 - Edison made the first recording of a human voice ("Mary had a little lamb") on the first tinfoil cylinder phonograph Dec. 6 (the word "Halloo" may have been recorded in July on an early paper model derived from his 1876 telegraph repeater) and filed for an American patent Dec. 24. John Kruesi built this first practical machine Dec. 1-6 from a sketch given to him by Edison that was made Nov. 29 (not on "Aug. 12" that Edison mistakenly wrote on another sketch in 1917). When Kruesi heard Edison's first words Dec. 6, he exclaimed "Gott in Himmel!" (But these words for "God in Heaven" were not recorded and thus have been forgotten). Others before Edison had tried to record sound, but Edison and his tinfoil phonograph were the first to succeed.

1878- Edison was granted patent 200,521 on Feb. 19 for a phonograph using cylinders wrapped with tinfoil with 2-3 min. capacity. None of these early fragile tinfoils have survived, but after Edison experimenters used different recording materials, such as the lead cylinder of
Frank Lambert that is known today as the oldest surviving playable cylinder ("One o'clock, Two o'clock"), and the brass discs of Augustus Stroh in England ("mama" and "papa").


We believe that Mr. Edison had paid for humanity a great deal of inspirational and educational attentions, support and made our world bright and shinny than send it from hell of darkness to paradise of light!

Subsequently, in 1928 - Dr. Fritz Pfleumer patent in Germany for application of magnetic powders to strip of paper or film1931 - Plummer and AEG begin to construct the first magnetic tape recorders. 1932 - BASF of I.G. Farben joined with AEG of Telefunken to develop magnetic tape recording using Pfleumer patent; by 1934, BASF is able to manufacture reels of plastic-based tape. 1935 - First public demonstration of BASF/AEG "Magnetophone" at Berlin Radio Fair. 1936 - First BASF/AEG tape recording on Nov.19 of live concert by Sir Thomas Beecham.

The above mentioned passage clearly clarify of German Scientists how they gave the humanity a plenty of ideal support and unstoppable direction to find and discover the humanity as much as they can... subsequently the American Scientists also tried to bring a new systematic invention or to develop the uncompleting  project of German Scientists.

I would like to bring to our readers some idea about DVD which is developed very swiftly and systematically, surprisingly and dramatically in our modern days. DVD is a member of Technology family which is nowadays the best compact Digital Versatile Disc challenging the humanity and surprising the world, and how DVD occupying our solar system by their speeds and capacities! As Mr. Jam Taylar in his Great Book (DVD Demystified says: DVD is the future Viewed through the prism of time, its only one potential future out myriad possibilities. But this particular possibility looks quite promising-chances are excellent that DVD will be in your future, supplying video, audio, and computer software. DVD embodies the grand unification theory of entertainment and business media: if it fulfils the hopes of its creatores, DVD will replace audio CDsí videotapes,laserdiscs,CD-ROMs, and even video game cartridges and many business publications .

Basic and Meaning of DVD:


DVD as the name suggest is not Digital video Disc but is Digital Versatile                                                                                                                                         Disc.  The name Versatile is due to its vast use in audio, video and data storage with very large capacity of data than a normal Compact Disc.


     CD is just a single layer with data on just one side, which has the capacity of 0.68 GB. (Note that GB is Giga bytes, which is 10 characters).The thickness of the CD layer is 1.2mm with inner diameter of 15mmand outer diameter of 120mm.DVD has two layers with option of having data on both sides of both layers depending on the amount of data to be stored in the DVD. The thickness of each layers of DVD is 0.6mm that are bonded together to give final DVD of approximately 1.2mm. DVD has the same inner and outer diameters as that of CD.


Type of DVD:


Now lets see how much data can be stored in a DVD .There are four different types of DVDís which are mentioned as below:


           Types                                                Amount


  1. DVD 5                                                         4.7 GB (Single Layer)
  2. DVD 9                                                         8.5 GB (Dual  Layer)
  3. DVD 10                                                       9.4GB (Single Layer)
  4. DVD 18                                                       17 GB  Dual Layer)


The structure of DVD and CD is completely the same (Diameter, centre hole, subs thickness) but only the different between of these two are the amount of information which is being stored in .CD is just a single layer (face) with data (information) on just one side, which has the capacity of 0.68GB compare to the DVD has two layers (duals)


Advantage of Technology:


Technology is a new systematic program which makes the world smaller and brighter. Technology is a gentle creature that grants the humanity a great deal of help, hope, activity, and chance for creation, and keeping time from wasting. Technology is a kind of storm or waves either you want it or donít want, it penetrates in your homeland or country or city or village or even in your own home, therefore, (preventation is better than cure) we have to take a pre-caution and substantial step towards this advantage creature, otherwise, our society will be affected by negative side of this technology! Obviously, our religion, culture, custom, and society can be easily coping with technology in different aspect of life!


Technology is an advantage and perfect weapon can be used in different way of our daily social life, especially in our communicational area, transportation way, educational field, financial area and other general aspect of our common life! Technology can be our mater simultaneously can be our slave, therefore, we prefer to make technology as a slave for processing our activity inside the society, and manipulating our industrial project as widely as possible, expand our trades as far as we can, energizing our electrical system to make our society as paradise to our people, that is why we must not ignore the technology as evil philosophy which we were injected by illiterate Madrasa Mullah ideology! By slavery the technology we can softly softly computerizing our society like other countries on the face of the earth. Only we can re-build our nation in a permanent progress we must access the technology inside the country, if we really want re-opens our minds we must encourage technology inside the country, if we realistically want to re-decorate our friendship with other nations we must create a profound platform for technology ,if we want to protect ourselves our nation from terrorism we must construct a flexible system in technology field, if we want not sink our ship in the globalization sea we must re-fresh our mind to build a changeable technology environment to our people as swiftly as possible. If we really want to eliminate the discrimaination, poorness, dises, sickness, hostility, conflict, beggary, corruption, arogance, selfishness, we must teach and learn how we can operate the positive side of technology inside our society! Afghanistan can not build without expert in technology field, Afghanistan can not be democratized without understanding  the way how you can deal with technology .We can not be able to reconstructs the infrastructure of our country without we know about high profile technology ! We can not adjust our mistake and can not maintain our history, can not planning a bright future to our generation which is necessary to be so. And we can not definitely modernize our new Afghanistan till we install a sophisticated project, plan, and program inside our society; we cannot functionzed or specified standards law and regulations inside the society without technology equipment to be set up. If we want to avoid our country from the slavery period we must relies on the technology facilities, if we want salvation for our nation from current disaster and long dramatic catastrophe, we must take a swift and practical step towards preparation  better technology system in our homeland to be able protect our people from any assault or attack ! If we donít have sufficient facilitate we must be slave of slaves of our neighbour countries for ever and ever!! Think about it wisely not foolishly, mindfully not emotionally, logically not irrationally, scientifically not blindly, because an alternative solution urgently needs it in Afghan society.




In fact, we as Afghan nation faced a pessimistic challenge or misleading from our neighbour countries in technology activity, particularly from extremist and fanatic.

They did their best to create a complex and confused situation inside   Afghan society and to penetrate the poisoned ideology for illiterate Afghan people by saying: Technology is such as evil action and against the Islamic Law and if any individual use or operate the technology equipment they are Kafar  and unbelievers! Honestly this a satanic idea spread across the Afghan society and made them blind and deaf compare to Pakistani society they made Nuclear Power and computerizing their society as good as most of countries across the world . Sex, prostituting homosexuality, drugs smuggling scandal, abusing corruption, terrorizing and sex movies in Pakistan cinemas and other public area is not against the Islamic Law, because the Pakistan ISI Mullah only ambitious and ordered to perform Islamic inside Afghanistan not in Pakistan because they are angles and pure Muslims! What a disaster and pity indeed?! The negative impact of the middle age or stone age idea still remains in Afghan society because of importation of poisoned ideas from our sincere friend East(Pakistan)! I tried to give or illustrate to you some quick examples in Astronomy how our -narrow minded-people rejecting and not accepting the scientific fact, and saying this is not true and not exist in our life .Only God knows about it ĖSolar System on August.25 1981, the US. Space probe Voyager 2 raced past Saturn, photographing its Rings and moons and the planet itself, measuring its magnetic fields, and sampling its local cosmic-ray environment. Following the spectacular discoveries and success to the voyager 1 with Saturn in November 1980 voyager 2 produced a host of new surprise .The

Cloud-enshrouded planet was found to have a temperature of only-185c(-300 f) at Depth of 40 km (25mi) below the cloud tops, with winds raging at 1600 km/h (1000 mph). The cause to the bands of equatorial winds, which move four Times faster than those, found of Jupiter, the solar systemís largest planet remained a mystery. Like Jupiter, Saturn was found to radiate more heat than it receives from the sun, just about what is expected from the settling of helium in the planets strong gradational fields. This scientific fact was ignored by the Afghan not Ordinary people even who studied in Madrasa! They still rejecting that, such an imaginary story which is not exist in our life! This is all satanic stories of west or Kofer action. Who believes in such an evil stories or ideas they are also Kafors (unbelievers)! This is a big and serious mistake which is being performed by these narrow-minded people! This is a scientific fact, and one of the creations of Allah (SWT); therefore, we have to accept it from Cosmology or Astronomy point of view. Shortly I gave you very simple example of my experience. I met a number of Pakistani people in Manchester England in 2004 whom were religious and preachers in the same times. We were discussing the Landing man on the face if the Moon. And they told me sarcastically and mockingly that, I am Kafar-Astaghfar Allah-and they completely refusing and saying you talking about something against the Islamic Law fact, but was almost impossible to do so. Have a look a modern man in 21st century does not believe that the astronomers landed in the moon long Time age and they planning strongly to land in other planets as well. This is a fact not against the Islamic law and Islam constantly encourage for searching and investigating the scientific and educational subjects anytime, anywhere in any cost! That is your problem and sickness not our Islam and donít try even to scratch the beauty face our Islam by your evil ideology!


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