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To the Nation of the World on Meaning of Holly Book Quraan

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Dear Excellency

 Ban Kemon, the Secretary-General Director of UNISCO and the Director of UN Human Rights!

Hamid Karzai the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan!
Brack Hussein Obama the President of the largest and most powerful countries and the General Commander of the War against Terrorism!
Heads of States and the Leader of Islamic countries and other countries of the world!
Heads and leaders of Institutions and Academic Institutions, Education,Information and Culture and News Media of Islamic Countries around the world!
Afghan brothers and sisters, Muslims who follows the Holly Quran!
Brothers and Sisters, and faithful to the Book, who created this World!
Dear all beings as human!

Greetings to every one!
I wish to the world goodness and peace; I am happy in recent month of Ramadan, Quraan down expression (faithful to the Muslim world); to everyone; that the book "Quraan means" the logical and Scientific unprecedented attitude on this Bible fifth of the world's population, who are the Muslims, I would like to present such gift to everyone.

For your more considerable and justification I want you to break down on this incident:
But in relation to the obscene   Decision of burning the Quraan on 9/11, I would like to express my deepest concern and lodge my strongest protest. The events of 9/11  is not related to the pure and Mohammedan Islam. Even the organizers of that event should be convinced of this fact. Ben Laden and those criminals who have accepted the responsibilities of the events   should not be consider as the followers of the Islam. They  are part  and parcel of a conspiracy  led by the very well known criminal networks.

Therefore, I would like to call upon all   who are responsible for the fate of the humanity, and   influential people from all cultures to take all measures  and  means to  stop this conspiracy. A single word of the Quraan should not be contempt!

I also call upon all my Muslim brothers and sisters to be calm and to preserve  cold-bloodiness

Lets come back again to the Quraan Means Book: 

Fate brought me to exist between the organisms that had the world to a size two or three decades isolated from the world.  They have Mullah, Khan and ownership were abundant, but none of "their own" and since they were not equal with their own. These differences with goats and wolves, and even pastors and Constable, but others were almost no difference; sheep.
In the same time on 80s and 90s during the generation of a series of measures, "Mujahidin" ISI and CIA were present world and in the late 20th century and the current decade of the 21st century brought Taliban.
I nearly knew when I was five or six years old, Gay organisms; have something mysteriously called "Quraan" and the nature of their destiny; their destiny and fate, being a wagon and get their butchery,. Summary everything from their cradle to grave in the same magical object set and fixed it too far past the sky where the inherent called Saudi Arabia has been lowered.
 When the magic that it closed seven sediment covering the top shelf,  which is located in my home, I found diseases that, I need to verify and investigate what is written in this book
When I was twenty years old, I was reading the interpretation of Quraan (Tafsiri Kabuli), At the same time an eye to interpret, I was watching and reading some critical books, which doesnt look the real and actual meaning what I understand from this book, even I didnt found any similar that could be actual claims or knowledge what I found from this book.
An incident happened when the victims are told me with having cry, I need help and rescue. After that I never forgot that sound, which is told me, help and rescue.

While I was opening this book, the sound help and rescue was increasing me thousands of times.
The years after I read more and more I realized that I knew more after stopping real and tangible object Quraan and also and above all understandable, but the claims of the Quraan and understand the Quran and hadith and its rulings, and even quite a terrible false since 1400  year has been so.
The inversion of the false name of Quraan, Quraan and the Prophet of God and make fun of the tool business and politics and crime entirely too went into building; 14 years of barbarism that was open twenty-year CIA Htr barbarism and more, now open to other border is close to twenty years, the same name not only to ruin my country, Afghanistan and squander  but any name and number and quality of drawing and was the world to cast fear and panic.
Yet that's the nightmare of all the world seemed united and rose up nearly scale first and second world wars against it and fight to save it, into the place and still replaced!
It is around thirty years I am hearing this sound help me and rescue and I also one of the person who always claim this sound, but who knows the truth, may be the prophet and God guide me to do this responsibility and understand to me the truth.

Even told, please rescue me from CIA, M16, ISI and any other string and danger organization, I cant be patient anymore.

When I comparing myself and these string and powerful organization, I received the respond, just take me and read in a right way!

The conclusion I have received, just to receive the Holly Quraan to hand of Mauia, who made the version on his own interpretation to increase his power, the person who had made version in the right way, suddenly could able to kill.

May be God bring out the Quraan in the Arab country to the person, who could not read and write, but it could be interpret in the right way by an Afghan, which always spreads Fundamental Ideology (Taliban).

I have read Holly Quraan many times, still I am not claim I knew every thing on, I have also read many books such world history, philosophy, science, religion and civilizations, I also have knew on Cinema, literature, culture and fundamental scientific knowledge.

I have published some books, and I know what is going on around the world, I also know there is a gin, which is belongs to the faith by chromosome.

 I have believed, for the last 30 years even 1000 years why the human suffered and have killed in a deferent way.

In the first time in history after 1400 years Islamic history, we are able to read and interpret the Holly Quraan in the right way.

It is unbelievable that many discover in the beginning looks string, but after long time everybody knows this is the reality.

No one will surprise, the human able to fly on the sky and in 3 minutes could make round trip.

There is discover is the holly Quraan, just in past the people were thinking the land is round

The conclusion of this scientific revolution is global and we need to read and understand in the right way, also this is happened with Bible and other books.

If the version of Quraan possible to understand clearly, no one will follow such exploitation or it could be used in the wrong way.
It is impossible to use from such book as terrorism or any other Jahad.

Therefore I kindly requested to every one, who think on their country stability and have political and integral responsibility, I have only a question, me I have to aware of this text or not.!?

Thus the other texts in the direction Asthmar befool and drug and people can not be close to work!
Of course; position at all and not one rule I do not know the essential.


With respect
  Mohammad Aleem Eftekhar- Afghanistan

(I would like to refer at the Persian text, which is original)
Please download the book "Quraan means" click here!






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ی ی یی : ISI , MI6 , CIA ... یی ی ی ی !

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30- 8-2010


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