Assad Cina





With inner sadness

With the weight of bitterness             

in the holy city


The capured ones

In the mist of pain

Dream of food

the possibilty of nourishment

to kill the hunger


in the holy city                                                   

freedom is a dream                                         

and wounded doves

from imprisoned                                               


freedom dies                             

the freedom

the sense of life                       



And t stars Watch

 their Losses

The shadow of hope                 

And the stars Watch

The desire

In the race of smoke from burning bodies

The remaining flowers, the stars

half dead

with their heads bending down

the hunger



in the land where the people

proudly look back

on a history of boundless wealth

now ever from the grave can be heard

angry screams of hunger

of pain and loss of freedom


time is a dream in the holy city

the mothers

their children

in the fantasy of reaching water

under the delusion of shellter

in the society of injustice

the rules and the abuse

the silence of fear


mothers with trembling fingers

put their children in the ground

shut the cry to death

end a life

calm the hunger with soil.



                                                                        September 2007


                                              Edited by:Charmine caldwell