Assad Cina



Last Mirror


Did I imagine you?

Did I?

Did I dream my fantasy, my life?

My last memory of the night?

Did I?

Still I am covered with this disbelief,

With this black cloud,

This haunting memory of my hours of darkness.


I remember the tenderness,

Of the sound of the sky.

There was anger, it poured dew.

Birds were full of song,

Songs of parting’s sorrow,

Songs of two loves apart,

Songs of me and you.

Still, I remember as a dream,

Your silence, my cry, my disbelief.

Still, I am in shock of that moment,

That deadly time.


When I awoke,

I asked the sky.

It feared to answer.

I run towards the birds.                                                   

They gave me back my voice.


Now, I live with your memory,

With your pain, your sorrow,

On the line of life.

With you, without you,

Until death calls.





Wounded Birds


Within a shadow of unwillingness,

With witness of silence:

A deadly silence,

Two birds

Tore apart,

Two birds

Enduringly left each other.

You, the lover,                                                              

Buried your love,

Your worship.


When you buried him

He was lost,

Surrounded by his vanished hopes,

Bounded by

Losing his only remaining flower- you.

You, the lover,

A wounded love.

But you were still young.     

Can’t you do it better?

Better than this!

Can’t you?


He buried you with love,

With power of deadly beat                     

And walked towards death.

You both walked on the same road.

You both buried each other

For the benefit of your enemy,

For the enemy

To walk better, to play better,

To dance freely on your dead bodies

And enjoy… destroy.



Sky still is crying,

Sky full of shame

Shame of this heartbreaking death:                                                                       

The death of two wounded birds,          

The dead of two wounded birds.


                                                                        September 2006