Assad Cina




Dark City


The city is in the darkness, night has arrived

Together with pain and heartache

The night guards are everywhere

To secure the darkness and to protect,

The night and the darkness shadows

Their wings are open

Power and control


The wings are dominating the walls of the city

The wings are guarding the city exits

Through the alleys and even the small side streets

 Gourds are waiting to stop

The air is filled with terror, the power has silenced

It has silenced all


All that can be heard is the constant,

Unavoidable movement of the dark army

The sound of the wings, darkness, black

The unknown

Blackness, emptiness


The shock is ruling the town

It is dominating the city life

Silence of the death has inhabited the environment


Are stars sleeping?

Are they asleep or buried underground?

In the graveyard, buried

Live lost, stars buried, human sacrifice


From the intensity of terror

The night, the color of despair and mistrust

When a life shine, when a star blinks

The evil pain wills blind the eye

The blinking eye of the star


When flowers bloom

 Lift their heads to face life

And to let others know there is life and warmth

When the flowers lifts hits head from dirt

The search for the sun

Life is taken away

The roots are dislocated

The connections is broken, death

The order of the day, the power of the darkness

Power of the night, the invasion of pain.



By:  a.c. alim