Assad Cina




Assad Cina was born in Kabul, where he was an activist during the Soviet occupation and as a result was imprisoned. In Australia he is involved in community work. He publishes Afghan Voice, a newspaper in three languages ( Farsi , Pashto and English) which is distributed in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth with the help of community members. He believes poetry can be used as a tool for recovery.

His own poetry and articles have been published in Australia and overseas.




Journey through the night


In the early winter morning,
With the fear of death,
We move slowly on the dark glacial journey.
With silence on our lips,
With hearts filled with longing and eyes filled with tears,
With no hope for the future and the darkness
Of witnessing bodies fall to unavoidable bullets.
We run from the horror of the dark storm-monster,
We leave our home, our country.
Past mountains and deserts, broken hearted,
Dragging our feet through the night,
We are led towards the unknown.
Mirror, journey of mirrors through the rough mountains,
Journey to the unknown.
Infants, innocent, clear like glass,
Vulnerable bodies moving through:
Victims of unseen enemies, targets of mass killings.
The breaking of mirror, of clear bright souls,
The cry of breaking glass,

in the journey of the night .





                                                 By: Assad Cina Alim