Assad Cina



                                                        To the people of Palestine


Sky Heavy With Worry


sky heavy with worry

sun looks shamefully

heavens cry

tears are dropping

one by one


warning of disaster

of another attack

a wild attack

a molest attack

in your land


to the wounded land

to the land, faced decades of fighting

to the city battered by hail of bomb

to the cities rises the smell of blood


but the eyes are blind

the ears are deaf

the hearts ignored cries

cry of people

in your land


people cry

bodies’ pieces fly through the air

hundreds wounded

many dead


shouting everywhere

cities tremble

with fear

with pain


the air echoes

bomb blast



cries everywhere


another air attack

another ground attack

your land has been washed out

 by blood once again

its wounds became fresh once again


the wounded land sheds tears

the wounded city cries




                                                                                                  Written By: a.c.alim

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Edited By: Chairman



 Important notes:  In some verse of this poem, some changes have been made from its original copy. These took place by its writer.