Assad Cina



sky heavy with worry


sky heavy with worry

sun looks shamefully

heavens cry

tears are dropping

one by one


warning of disaster

of another attack

a wild attack

a molest attack

in our land


to the wounded land

to the land, face decades fighting

to the city battered by hail of rockets

to the cities rises the smell of blood


but the eyes are blind

the ears are deaf

the hearts ignored cries

cry of people


people cry

bodies’ pieces fly through the air

hundreds wounded

many dead


shouting everywhere

cities tremble

with fear

with pain



the air echoes

bomb blast


cries everywhere



another bomb

another barrage

another attack

another bombard



 our land defeated once more

its wounded became fresh once again

the wounded land shed tears

the wounded city cry





                                                                                                                   اسد سینا الیم    

                                                                                    Edited By: Chairmaine Caldwell