Assad Cina



Assad Cina was born in Kabul, where he was an activist during the Soviet occupation and as a result was imprisoned. In Australia he is involved in community work. He publishes Afghan Voice, a newspaper in three languages ( Farsi , Pashto and English) which is distributed in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth with the help of community members. He believes poetry can be used as a tool for recovery.

His own poetry and articles have been published in Australia and overseas.





In the duration of life, the journey

Through the night

There is a sound reaching me

I try to shut down the pain

The voice of my past reaching me

I am running away from

Despair, to run away to end the darkness

For tonight’s tomorrow


I will, this voice, this terrifying

Painful link to the past

The weak voice reaching me

With some fright

For what is ahead

For the new tomorrow

I will strive to end the voice

To end the night


I am thinking

About daylight, the end of night

What lies ahead, the unknown bright