Considerable to:        Human Rights Defendant Organizations, Civil Right Foundations, War Crime and Crime Against Humanity Encounter Groups and All Freedom and Justice Fighters All Over the World!


The road of transitional justice has been opened!

Lets do something to upgrade our knowledge for knowing better the concept of human rights!

As part of readers reaction for the CRUSADE BOOK!

It is really appreciable receiving your emails and comments through SAYAY-E- NOOR WEBLOG.

I can say that each of them had their specific values for me. But I have found the following text which is consisting of outstanding points, and   I am quite sure that you guys will be agree with me after reading it.


Dear Excellency Bukharayee!

Thanks for sending the Crusade Book. As it is said that Afghanistan is the land of great people, no doubt for that, but our enemies have always been trying to mistranslate it.

I can remember you since we were discussing and predicting the disappointing result of Karzais and his western counterparts about the transitional justice. As the failing result had already been predicted by you before it was going to be happened.

I remember, you had also told that, this is not going to be an easy job for Karzai and his Western Counterparts, because it was is beyond their abilities.

The only thing we can do is to let the public be aware of the situation of their country, and then it would be possible to bring all the three decades war criminals in to justice.

Hiding the truth from the public views or telling them the wrong stories about the real situation have been the major problem so far, in such issue.

Nobody even could think in the past that, the day would come that the officials and well-known persons would be asked for what they had done and would be bringing to justice.

Since I am not good at writing, let me use the speeches of Brijenski (The anti humanity puppet).

Kabul should be burnt:

Is a topic which tells the secret stories of resistance of the Afghan People through decades?

Robert Gates the CIA former chief in his book which was titled (Through the Shadows) writes:

The CIA had started its support from Afghan Mujahidin six months earlier than Red Army invaded to Afghanistan.

Is that true or untrue, what was written in Robert Gates book?  Asked Novel Observer Correspondent in Paris from Brijenski, US President Jami Carters security advisor in 1980.

 Robert Gates says:

According to official reports, support from Afghan Mujahidin had been started by CIA after 24th December 1979 the day which USSR started the invasion in Afghanistan, but the truth which was hidden so far was, that US President had secretly signed the help and support agreement with Anti Afghan government (the government which was established by USSR support in Kabul) groups.

 I warned the US President that signing of this agreement would be responded by USSR military strike to Afghanistan, said Brijenski, the US President security advisor.

He also added it his interview:

I wrote to Mr. Carter that it would be the right time if we could keep the USSR involved in a war like Vietnam.

I am not claiming that I have done a great detection by presenting all these to you!

Cause dear Excellency Eftekhar has already gone through and explained them all.

But: we do want our views to be compared with, the speeches of Brijenski.

We want to say that creation and edition of CRUSADE BOOK can be like an attack of poor and helpless people of Afghanistan, all Human Rights Defendant Organizations and the real Islam Integrity Defendants on War Criminals, War lords, Anti Human Rights Agents, all Afghanistan and real Islam betrayers, Pakistani military puppets and overseas enemies of Afghanistan in consequence.

Now it is the time that all criminals insiders or outsiders and their supporters, inside the government will be brought to justice of God and the people of Afghanistan, soon.

As long as the jihad in Afghanistan was a conspiracy against the people of Afghanistan, from its beginning and the leaders of Jihad and their supporters all over the world were the main criminals and players of this bloody damn conspiracy. So there is no way that Afghans should still include such shameful words in their constitution.

We are surprised! You had suggested that some another book of Mr.Eftekhar should be candidate for Nobel price. But in my opinion the CRUSADE BOOK will be the winner of the Nobel price, might be some another prices, God willing.

If you kindly send us the other book of Mr.Eftekhar, I appreciate it.

As long as we observe, the staff of independent Commission of Human Rights, including ourselves, the staff of human rights organization office located in Qala-e-Fathullah, in Kabul and the rest of international organizations for Human rights issues inside and outside of Afghanistan is not assuming to be influence anymore.

 Only blaming on Afghan government, its judiciary system and the United States for not being cooperative wouldnt be good enough, I think.

Even though these are right, but would never be justifiable.

Why shouldnt we withdraw while we are not capable for doing our duties and responsibilities in proper way, which we are being chosen or assigned for?

Is that fair if we let the government which has already been drown in to corruption and its nasty police force and irresponsible judiciary system to do whatever they want? Or let and look whatever the power of mafias in US and UK decide? Or just look and wait what the so called United Nations, its Security Council and other so called human rights organization are going to do something?

Are we helpless? And there is no way rather than these?

I think at least we can do something to build the capacity of the common people of the war hit Afghanistan, which have been suffering through the decades, for having a better life.

For example: we can do a great help if we could translate (THE CRUSADE BOOK) in to different languages and make some educational documentary films and other required programs to make it helpful. It could be a better source for establishing a new method of knowing each other, for Afghans.

I think the outcome would be even better and more valuable than bringing some criminals in to justice.

At the end, a special thanks from ARIAYEE AND NAWEEDE ROOZ for their outstanding job!

 Long life to our great and brave Afghan writer, Muhammad Alem Eftekhar, who never gets exhausted of telling the truth and supporting the right things and justice!

Thanks from you that you are the supporter of truth!



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