Asad Khanpour


Western free market or Plundering other countries’ national capitals and resources



Western allies’ invasion in Afghanistan brought deep political, economic and social change, meanwhile brought two beautiful present to our country. One was the free market and the other, the imported western democracy. For the time being, we raised the topic of western free market policy and the reason of its implementation in Afghanistan.

Free market can be defined as follows: "A free market is a market without economic intervention and regulation by government except to regulate against force or fraud. This is the contemporary use of the terminology used by economists. A free market requires protection of property rights, but no regulation, no subsidization, no single monetary system, and no governmental monopolies. It is the opposite of a controlled market, where the government regulates prices or how property is used." Free Market Economy is now an accepted form of Market Economy and can be found in the USA, UK, Canada and Germany, as in the EU and some other countries influenced by the USA, like Japan and also in developing countries like India and so on.

The most significant point in the statement above is that the government should arrange and regulate against force and fraud in the market. However, unfortunately, as we see in some cases, despite they could not implement regulation against force and fraud in their market, themselves having caused or used force and fraud and used them as a good weapon for political and economic intervention in the world.

 Although in United States of America despite of claiming of having excellent economic and democratic system in the world, we can see every year hundreds of banks and companies declaring their bankruptcy, in which, in most cases, fraud and corruption are involved. The government cannot take care and control of those issues. The most shameful scandal of Madoff Computer Programmers, Lehman Brothers, Enron Corporation, and hundreds of other are best examples.

Western countries, which are proud of their free market economy, we always see and hear from their media, in which free market has brought for them, a lot of prosperity, advantage and happiness. They have built a glorious community, maybe they are fifty percent true and on the right side. If we study and consider the record and previous history of these countries from colonization till now, we can clearly state that, they have not only encroached into their market, but they intervened into the economic and political matters of most countries, as well as Muslim and third world countries. Most of the capitals in fact, are earned from illegal business, unjust contracts, looting the resources of those countries combined with crimes, fraud, and corruption.

Besides that, by destabilising other countries, creating fear and threat between them, they sell their billion-USD weapons each year and finally force the people to escape and transfer billions of USD towards the West. If we compare India and Japan with Western countries, the level of corruption, scandal and injustice are very low and in the meantime they have very advanced system. Japanese economy is the world’s second largest economy and India's economy has been one of the stars of global economics in recent years. In fact, after China, being the second fast-growing economy in the world.

Some people think that free market economy is much better than Communism, in Communist countries you cannot do anything free. Some communist countries are less strict than others but the main message of communism is that people have no rights and the government controls everything. However, in free market economy you can do more things than in the communist economy. Nevertheless, if we consider China as a communist economy system, it is the third largest economy in the world. As a matter of fact, in the USSR and socialist countries despite, with less fraud and corruption compare to Capitalist countries, also governments had strong control. They finally collapsed, because there had been only one-party dictatorship, moreover there were not any personal interest and economic competition.

Certainly during the Cold War, the collapse of the socialist system and camps, and the division of Yugoslavia were in fact a big conspiracy of the Western countries and their allies. In the meantime it was a major and successful achievement of them in the world. If we have a look at the previous socialist countries and we consider only economical tragedy, it was more shocking than Afghanistan’s tragedy.

Obviously by bringing some improvement and change in their economic and political system like in China, they could protect themselves from big disaster. After reaching the non-Sacred to their goals, Jewish communities together with western communities, organizations and governments with their big capitals and economical possibilities, and instead socialist countries with a lot of economic and political crises and problems, they attack like Grasshopper in these countries under name of free market and democracy. They occupied and looted all major commercial places, resources and properties. In the name of investment, they bought all important infrastructures like industries, commercial places, communication, transport, energy, etc, at very low and cheap prices. In comparison to that time’s free market prices, it is unbelievable. Then they established their thousands of factories, companies, banks.

Insurance companies and other organizations in these countries were to eat and suck the blood of the people once and for all.

Maybe they have now new buildings, business centres, a modern street, railway and hundreds of beautiful things and commercial places, but unfortunately they are not the owner any more. Some of the people lost what they had, even their houses and apartments and live on the streets till they die. Most of the people being free market victimized, are to forget their sorrow and pain, they only drink and smoke cigarettes. At least during Socialist time nobody died from starvation and homelessness. Basically the main goal of capitalist system is that the rich people are getting richer and the poor poorer.

Even Russia to prove his big brotherhood, suddenly changed to capitalist, like big fishes eat small fishes in the ocean, and had some such contract, like airport and other places. Despite these countries sold and lost everything, still there are billions of euro debts from IMF, EU and other international banks.

It is to be remarked that, the East European countries (previous socialist countries), because of their location, are the most beautiful regions of the EU, and are very famous of their good nature and weather. Meanwhile they have a lot of resources and income. 

But why free market economy is needed for Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is the only poor country in the world in which there is experience of the free market economy and there are three main reasons for it:

1 – Western countries cruelly victimized Afghanistan for their benefit in the war against Soviet Union. Ignoring all humanitarian disasters most of the infrastructure like factories, buildings, bridges, roads, farms, dams heavily demolished and destroyed. They are morally and conscientiously obliged to reconstruct Afghanistan and build up all infrastructures, economic, political and military system without imposing intervention. Unfortunately they are not so interested. According to some unofficial data, at least 100 Billions USD is needed for reconstruction, but till now, despite many conferences, the total granted amount will not exceed 16 Billion USD. Due to the existing high level of corruption, most of this amount has been embezzled and put back into their pocket. Therefore they are trying to show themselves strongly pro-Afghanistan and free market economy, in order to persuade and encourage other countries governments, private sectors and businessmen to invest and play important role.

2 – Afghanistan, because of its location and current situation, strategically and politically is very important for the western countries. They have plans to keep this country as their satellite and under control, establish their military bases to get access to the largest resources of the world in Asia. By promoting free market economy in the region, they have plans to loot all resources from the neighbourhood countries, in the future too.

3 – Afghanistan has a lot of mines, minerals and other natural resources and till now mostly not brought to the surface. The most interesting matters for western countries are these resources. They want, under name of free market, to change the constitution and other investment laws (as they did).

Fortunately like their ancestors they have enough experiences in looting the resources of other countries, they install their own agent in the main posts and places and by unjust official and unofficial contracts they want to loot the resources of this poorest and unlucky country. In the meantime by making some partnership with those Afghans, they want to invest in the main and crucial resources and properties of our country. At the same time they continue their illegal business and smuggling with help and support of their Afghan partners, especially, in these times, when the government has no control on their activities, nor in the air and nor on the ground.