Asad Khanpour


The Big disasster and tregedy for muslim civilization in the world

Why do Muslims kill each other and why they can not built their countries ?

If we study the history deeply, After that the Great Britain(Big Satan) decided to colonize India and Muslim countries about three
century ago,in fact that was the begining of big disaster and tragedy for muslim civilization,and till now we experienced hundreds type
of intervention and occupation.From that time actually they started the education and training of their own agents and spies in muslim
countries under name of religious clerics and mullahs and used them for creating of violence and destabilising of Muslim territories.They
wanted to keep the muslims dark and uneducated and far from current and necessary evolution and also today technology and advantage.
Hier is to mention that ,Because of the low knowledgement of the people till now we havent seen any revolution in Muslim countries ,
whatever we seen it were explosion or destruction . Actually there is needed for such great revolution like October revolution in Soviet Union
and France Great revolution, to eliminate all foreign invaders together with their selected puppets and and their dictatorial regime from
Muslim countries.
All Jewish community on the top Israel Government accompany with Western countries on the top USA and United Kindom came in a coalition to
take the leadership and control of the world . they established a strong treaty and accord against USSR from one side and all Muslims
countries from other side .
By their main propaganda medias they showed and introduced communism to the world a big enemy of Islam,and themselve a good friend of Islamic
nations, to sell their weapons and loot oils and other resources.To creat crises and use one country against the other country. Finally to
force and escape all intelectual, educated people together with all capitals of these countries toward west.
There are 52 Muslim countries in the world, but mostly they dont have the right for free and democratic election.Mostly they install their
puppets in these countries under name of election and democracy, or support that old style and shameful kingdom system.

I am very moderate muslim ,but in my openioun after Buddhism , Islam is the most peaceful religion in the world . It would be not a honest
action to introduce Islam as terrorist religion and enemy of West . By these allegations they try to continue their colonization and occupation.
We have heard always alot from some politition of EU countries and USA as well as western midea about this matter and regularly they conducted
their humiliation policy.
They created and financed Al-Qaeda,Ikhwanul Muslimin,Taleban and thousands of extremist schools and terrorist Organizations around the world.
They write all the time the scenarios and use muslims to play the role. Mostly they employee educated people from those schools or from emigrants
of their coutries.They have the right to kill directly or indirectly hundreds of muslims everyday and could use any kind of weapon ,nuclear,
chemical and biological, instead if a muslim hit them by a small stone ,under name of terrorist suddenly he would be killed or being brought
to justice .
We have seen and learned from history, for their benefit they have brought and supported the most brutal,dictatorial regime in many Asian,African
and Latin American countries..
Every year the powerfull and important people of these countries secretly function confidential conference in Leiden city of Holland, to devide
the resources and the region of the world , and expand and conduct their conspiracies.(refer to attachment)
Finally they dont allow muslims to be united ,to have their own right , dignity ,freedom and prosperity.



Hidden Empire led to the world


Each year a confidential conference in the world point to the unofficial "Builder leaf" to be held. Builder members are appointed to leaf; are about 130 people. This group of permanent members of the royal family are Western countries.

Other members of the most powerful and most influential politicians and economists; bankers and officials, media world. Group "Builder leaf" in 1954, leaves the hotel in Builder "Avstrbrg" by Prince "Bernard" and "his friend David Rockefeller"

was established. Members of the group's annual conference in the world political and economic issues as confidential advice to the Forum and pay and applications and new designs to divide the world again to plan. Builder group leaves office in

the city "Leiden" is located in South Holland. Since the establishment of this group is 52 years. In this fashion T kings and politicians and big capitalists of the world each year are divided between themselves. It also said that trade. For example,

the war in Bosnia in Yugoslavia, which was divided and occupied Iraq, or even during Vtqsym autonomy of Iraqi Kurdistan region of Iraq oil by Knsrn international oil that now reaches the last stage; war in Afghanistan and Control this country by NATO

and the army of Saddam Hussein to attack America and Iran, mining operations in the Persian Gulf in southern Iran by military order of America and George Bush - father - and the General Administration "H. Norman" etc. ...

Builder leaves the group in the world elite and selective institutions, and the staff are using. Them under the "Byldrbrg" the state government's role in world countries to implement general policies are in the world before.

List Builder leaves some members artifacts

Members of the Royal Khandanhay

Prince Philip's wife Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and the Duke of Edinburgh

Crown Prince of Great Britain and Prince Charles Prince of Wales (from 1986 BC - present)

Dutch Queen Beatrix [1]

Klaus von Msbrg, wife Queen Netherlands

Willem Alexander, Crown Prince of the Netherlands (2001)

Juan Carlos I, King of Spain

Queen Sofia, wife of King Juan Carlos of Spain

Prince Aynfanta Christina, daughter King Juan Carlo of Spain

Prince Philippe, Crown Prince of Belgium

Carl XVI Gustav, King of Sweden

Hans Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein

Alex Prince, Prince of Denmark

Politicians Khadem



Current Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Great Britain (1991 BC - present)

Former Great Britain Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Middle East peace mediator quadripartite group is now known as "Kvrtyt" (from 1993 - present)

Former Prime Minister John Myjr Great Britain

Former Great Britain Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Former Prime Minister of Great Britain James Kalg·han

Former Prime Minister Edward Heath Great Britain

Former Prime Minister Harold Wilson, Great Britain



Valéry Giscard d'Estaing former President of the Republic

Former Prime Minister Lionel Zhvspn Republic

Former Prime Minister of the Republic Georges Pmpydv

Dominican Republic Dvvylpn former Prime Minister of France (died 2003)

Former Prime Minister Laurent Fabyvs Republic

Former Prime Minister Michel Rvkard Republic

Former Prime Minister Pierre Brvgvvy Republic



Current Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany (from the year 2005 - present)

Gerhard Schröder, former Chancellor of Germany

Helmut Kohl, former Chancellor of Germany

Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor of Germany

Richard Van Vyztkr, former President of Germany